About this game

Discover the mysterious world of The Mistbrewer, a distinctive Match-3 style puzzle game, designed to be instantly accessible while providing a depth of strategy for those looking to delve further.

The Mistbrewer

Enjoy the relaxing visual design and soothing piano melodies as you navigate your way through the game.


Immerse yourself in the nebulous and tranquil world of The Mistbrewer.

The Mistbrewer

Current State of the Game

The Mistbrewer is currently in alpha, with only the first three chapters of Story mode available. We are working diligently to expand the game content and improve its performance.

In the coming weeks, we plan to introduce three additional chapters and incorporate the passive talents mechanic into the game. The main goal of this alpha version is to solidify the overall game feel, ensuring the engine runs smoothly and is free of bugs.

If you're interested in helping us make The Mistbrewer the best it can be, please join our Discord community. You'll find a link there to access the playable alpha version of the game.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your support in shaping the development of The Mistbrewer.