Patch Note - The Plagueworks v0.1.0

The Plagueworks PatchNote for v0.1.0 is here!

Behold! This new version of The Plagueworks introduces a Rogue-Like system.

You'll be granted 3 skills, but first you'll have to unlock the chests.

Each chest is unlocked by playing through the game and discovering new reagents. In this version, there are 3 caps : 3 reagents, 6 reagents and 9 reagents.

The skills are classified in 4 categories : Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

In order to use a skill, it must be charged.
In this version, there are 5 charging mechanics :
- Dropping reagents
- Merging reagents
- Merging 4 + reagents
- Merging 5 + reagents
- Creating a chain reaction

Plus, each skill is associated with a specific charging mechanic.

If you're a mobile player, you may notice that we slightly reduced the sensibility, to avoid missplays.

As always, thanks for playing with us, and feel free to let us know what you've been thinking during your experiment with The Plagueworks!
(just as a reminder, our Discord awaits you!)