Patch Note - The Plagueworks v0.5.0

The Skills are back!

If you played previous versions of the Plagueworks, you'll remember the Skills for sure.
If you haven't, let us introduce you the 3 skills that may greatly improve your game!

Madness : Your current reagents don't fit your board? Madness skips to the next to come.
Madness charges each time you drop reagents.
Ruin : Board full? Ruin destroys 3 random reagents.
Ruin charges when you merge reagents.
Contagion : Overwhelmed by neglected reagents? Contagion merges your 3 weakest reagents on the board.
Contagion charges after each chain reaction.

You can now unlock these abilities by achieving simple objectives.

We also added a new difficulty mechanic : as you'll progress into your game, you'll have to deal with more and more reagents.

We made some visual arrangements to improve the overall lisibility.

The random draw mecanism was rebuild anew, to be more fair and less frustrating.
That should appear slightly easier for newcomers, but still challenging for veterans.

Here is the link to try this new version :

We can't wait to read your thoughts about theses changes and your game experience on our Discord!