Patch Note - The Plagueworks v0.1.2

The Patch Note for The Plagueworks v0.1.2 is here, and the new playtest is available!

As every week, we made some changes to The Plagueworks, and here they are:

Sounds and options
We added some sound effects that will activate :
- On drop
- On merge
- On chain reaction
- When a chest is unlocked

To match this new feature, we added an option screen to adjust the volume of the sound effects.

Gameplay made easier
We know that the skills can be ambiguous and difficult to understand, so we made some changes to make the gameplay easier.

Each skill slot is now associated with a charging mechanic :
- 1st skill will be unlocked by dropping reagents
- 2nd skill will be unlocked by merging reagents
- 3rd skill will be unlocked with chain reactions

You will have a 2 skills choice per slot (was 3).

We also kept only 9 skills (3 per slot), those we thought were the most fun and easy to understand.

Score display
From now on, your score will be displayed top of the board.
We also multiplied the score points to make it prettier on sight.

Other modifications
The reagents list does not overflows anymore on the left of the screen.
The more you'll unlock reagents, the less you'll draw weaker ones.

Feel free to let us know about your experience on our Discord!