Patch Note - The Plagueworks v0.1.1

The Plagueworks Patch Note for v0.1.1 is here! Plus? Playtest available!

Hello there, we made some changes to the previous version of Plagueworks, so here's the list of these changes :

- Gravity correction (remember this annoying floating reagent? He should bother you no more now!)
- Reagents evolution correction.
- The changes made to reagents due to the skills (disappearance or evolution) are now animated! Look at them bump and vanish!
- The animations have been slightly slowed, for your eyes comfort.
- Slow down, fast players! You can't activate a skill while other actions are still happening on the board anymore.
- You won't be able to have twice the same skill anymore, too.
- Too lazy to look at the chests? We got you covered : they now open by themselves once avalaible (suggested by Xalmstad).

Skills balance :
- Newton's Madness now requires 8 drops (was 9).
- Newton's Experiment now requires 6 drops (was 7).
- Newton's Acid now requires 6 drops (was 7).
- Horrified Frontline now requires 6 drops (was 7).
- Darwin's Liquor now costs 5 4+ merges (was 3).
- Darwin's Pills now costs 5 4+ merges (was 4).
- Twin's Disaster now costs 3 5+ merges (was 4).

We hope all this contributed to enhance your game experience!

As always, thanks for playing with us, and feel free to let us know what you've been thinking during your experiment with The Plagueworks!
(just as a reminder, our Discord awaits you!)