Patch Note - The Plagueworks v0.3.0

After several months of silence, The Plagueworks is back with a new patch : 0.3.0!


In this version, we kept the 3 main skills, as you may remember :

Redraws your next reagents.
Charges when you drop new reagents on the board.

Randomly destroys 3 reagents on the board.
Charges when you merge reagents.

Evolves 3 reagents among the weakest on the board.
Charges when you chain several merges within a single drop.

To bring spicy interest with these skills, we made a new feature : the seals.

The seals will enhance a specific skill, based on its school (Madness, Ruin or Contagion).

For example, the Fever seal ("evolves 2 more reagents") enhances the Contagion skill, allowing it to evolve 5 reagents instead of 3.

We intend to implement about 20 seals that you'll be able to pick to enhance your game experience, creating a whole new gameplay with each build you'll make.

But be patient : in this playtest, a single build is available.

Let's see what seals we selected :
Lazy: Madness has 20% chance to draw only one reagent
Death Rattle: Ruin has 15% chance to retrigger itself
Zealot: Madness gives 1 charge of Ruin and 1 charge of Contagion
Sacrifice: Ruin destroy weakest reagents first
Fever: Contagion evolves 2 more reagents
Pandemic: Contagion always evolves reagents to the strongest you unlocked

We also made some visual changes to make the game more readable, and your game experience smoother.

You'll see the unlocked reagents and the next to discover at the left of the board.

Several visual feedbacks were implemented.

Keyboard players, we got you covered with key bindings (supports AZERTY and QWERTY):

Q - move left
D - move right
Z - turn
S - drop

A - move left
D - move right
W- turn
S - drop

- move left
- move right
- turn
- drop

1(&) - Madness
2(é) - Ruin
3(") - Contagion

You also can play with the mouse, of course:
- Drag left or right to place the reagents on the column you want to
- Left click to turn
- Click on the skills to activate them
- Drag down to drop

But! the game is no longer playable on mobile devices.

We intend to bring more enhancements in future patches, such as the custom build with the seals and a French translation of the game.

As usual, you're very welcome to share your thoughts about this new patch on our Discord.

We're beyond excited to read what you think!

Thanks for helping us bring this game to life.