A crow with a book

Telling stories

We want to share our imagination with the world.

A crow with a wand building a forest

Building worlds

Weaving, one idea at a time, keeping a global consistency.

A crow with a shovel

The depth

Working the surface is to attract the curious.
Working the depth is to make them stay.

A crow with a flower

Giving meaning with details

It’s not about adding details unpurposely, but about picking the ones that make the difference.

Three different crows

Creating accessible experiences

We offer gradual experiences, that start with few elements to build themselves according to your interest.

A crow with cubes

Avoiding complexity

Misplaced complexity disturbs our focus.
We stand as minimalists as possible.

A crow following a path

Going on step by step

We break down our duties into tasks, then split them into smaller ones.
It helps us to see a positive and permanent evolution of our work.

A crowd of crows

Assuming our choices

We don’t yield to the temptation of making choices that do not match our values.